How it Works


Fill in the enquiry form

Specify whether you want the course to be 12 or 15 weeks, the language you want to learn, your area, and also your group size: whether you are wanting individual lessons, or have a group already set up.


Discuss & Arrange Lessons

Once you have been matched to a trained tutor, we introduce you to your tutor and arrange a lesson schedule.


Pay for Lessons Securely Online

Buying lessons is easy: once your group size is confirmed, pay easily online with EFT or Credit Card. Payment includes the full 12 - 15 week course and an “Everyday Phrases” CD in Xhosa or Zulu, which you will receive at your third lesson.


Take the Course

Lessons can happen wherever you arrange, once a week. You will receive emailed feedback and notes after every lesson, so you can track your progress. During the course, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a Zulu or Xhosa textbook.


End it with a Party

Once you and your group have completed the 12 - 15 week course, your Tutor will arrange for a social event in his/her community to end things off. We’d love you to keep having classes every few weeks with your Tutor, just to practice – you can arrange that with us!

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